a) Line pipe for drinking water, industrial waters and wastewater

SALZGITTER MANNESMANN LINE PIPE has been supplying the water industry with HFI welded steel line pipe for more than twenty years. Whether drinking water supplies or wastewater disposal, steel pipe is the best solution for every application, both technically and economically.

Pipe structurepipes.1
SALZGITTER MANNESMANN LINE PIPE water line pipe is an HFI longitudinally welded pipe with a three layer plastic coating and a cement mortar lining matched to the service conditions in hand. An additional top coat of fiber cement mortar can be applied where mechanical stresses require it.

pipes.2Joining technology
SALZGITTER MANNESMANN LINE PIPE is the only pipe producer with a complete spectrum of joining techniques such as weld, socket and clamp connections in a range of designs for all types of service conditions.
The manufacturing programme is supplemented by an array of fittings for the various joints as well as accessories for the pipe laying process: weld joints: line pipes with butt-weld joint and slip-weld joint plug connections: line pipes with socket joints clamp connections: line pipes with flange connection and coupling

pipes.3Steel as a line pipe material is suitable for a great diversity of joining techniques and offers wide freedom in the design, construction and operation of pipelines in keeping with the various pressure levels, operating conditions and media to be transported.
For instance, socket pipe which is mechanically protected by an FCM coating is optionally available with FCM right to the pipe end. This greatly facilitates field coating during pipe laying.


b) Line pipe gas and oil

Line pipe for natural gas and other gaseous media, oil and other flammable media

Steel line pipe has been used successfully for decades now in the transportation of gases, flammable liquids and solids.
Given the high pressure levels frequently involved in the transportation of these media, steel is the optimum pipe material and it remains unparalleled in terms of safety and reliability for a long service life.

pipes.4Pipe structure
SALZGITTER MANNESMANN LINE PIPE line pipe for gases and flammable liquids is a longitudinally HFI welded pipe with a three layer plastic coating. An additional top coat of fibrous cement mortar can be applied where mechanical stresses require it.
The HFI welding process guarantees high production reliability and close-tolerance dimensional accuracy in the pipe. In combination with top quality three-layer corrosion protection, the outcome is a pipe product that meets all the requirements of the intended application.

pipes.5Joining technology
Butt weld joints have established themselves as the customary connection method with line pipe for gases or flammable liquids. Where required, the slip welding joint is also used



pipes.6c) Oilfield tubes (OCTG)

Oilfield tubes from SMLP are used in the oil and gas industry around the globe. They are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and equipment – from steel melting right through to HFI welding, including continuous in-process checks as well as destructive and nondestructive testing.
A uniform pipe wall thickness and minimum out-of-roundness levels are important criteria in the manufacture of casings to ensure excellent collapse resistance.
Oilfield tubes are manufactured in compliance with API 5 CT requirements in steel grades including H 40, J 55, K 55, N 80 and HC 80.