President : Dipl.-Ing. Veraj Abramian

President : Dipl.-Ing. Veraj Abramian

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The company ABEK is stablished 1984 in Germany in Bad Hoenningen, near Bonn.

ABEK was self reflection essay about english class engaged in Export of industry goods, such as Pumps, Motors,how to write an abstract for a research paper Co2 plants etc world wide and import of personal computers from USA and Taiwan to Germany and Europe.

Due recession in Export business and stronge compitation in PC market in Germany in 1997 we looked for new market and stablishment outside of Europe.

The decission wasn’t easy. But following of many enquieries recieved from former Soviet republics we found out that the demant of industry products and goods in this countries are much higher than in Europe.

Ofter a large study we saw that Armenia among all other republics was a tolerance country with acceptable investment conditions and lowest taxes.
Therefor, we desided for Armenia and increased our activities and busines lelation ship with Armenia.

Since 1999 ABEK Co Ltd is registered under the Reg.-No 01826831 and represented many European companies for the branches of Hydro Power Plants, Steel and PE pipes, Labor Equipments, Chlorination Station, Solar Systems, Excavators, Generators Solar systems,Testing and location of power Distribution cables as well as fault Location of Drink Water Distribution Pipe Systems, etc.

We follow up the Armenian Market, consulting our customers and support the business of our manufacturer and Dealer.
Of Request, we are ready to market also further products , consult and support your business in Armenia.
( No Food, No Chemically and No Household articles)