Shuttle® Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for level measuring in tanks, wells, containers etc.
Shuttle® Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is very easy to install and operate.


Ultrasonic measuring system with measuring ranges from 10 cm to 25 metres.
Learning function, so the level meter recognizes how the wetwell is arranged with pumps, piping and other disturbing elements. The measurement will not be affected by false echos.
Very narrow ultrasonic pulse signal gives great signal strength and minimum sensitivity to foam and sludge on the surface of the liquid.


Float switch 7030 belongs to a new generation of float switches where the mercury switches used previously have been replaced with up-to-date environment friendly materials.
Float switches are often used environmental engineering systems such as pumping stations and sewage plants, so it is very important that the switches do not contain mercury.


The Electrode Control 501 is a simple and price favourable system for the control of level. The system includes a level relay for DIN-rail mounting combined with a range of different level electrodes.
The Electrode Control 501 is used for the control of e.g. a pump or for detecting high or low levels. Used as a level alarm, the soldering bridge determines whether to registrate a high or low level.


MJK Ultrasonic sensors is used with MJK Shuttle level transmitters, flow converters and pump controllers.
The sensors is in moulded housing. The sensor is constructed with a “G1” thread, for easy mounting.
The Ultrasonic sensor has a moulded piezo-electrical crystal which emits an ultrasonic pulse and receives an echo signal from the surface to be measured.

There are 4 versisions to chose from depending of the application:

  • Standard range version
    Ultrasonic sensor type 200570
    Frequency: 30 KHz
    Up to15 m in fluids and
    6 m in solids.
  • Ultrasonic sensor type 200640 / 200641 / 200642
    Frequency: 40 KHz
    Up to 12 m in fluids and
    5 m in solids.
    FM Approved
  • Extended range version
    Ultrasonic sensor type 200630 / 200631 / 200632
    Frequency: 30 KHz
    Range: Up to 25 m in fluids and
    10 m in solids.
    FM Approved
  • Chemical resistent version
    Ultrasonic sensor type 200660
    Frequency: 50 KHz
    Up to 10 m in fluids and
    5 m in solids.

MJK pump controllers come with either ultrasonic or hydrostatic level sensors, and are very suitable for monitoring and control of levels in tanks and reservoirs.
They provide many advanced functions like pump alternation over time, counting of starts and running hours for each pump, calculation of pump flow and integrated communication capability to SCADA systems.
Read about the different types of pump controllers by clicking on the productnumbers to the right.